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Testimonials for Bradley Built Construction Company


I was on the Board of Governors for CTCC when we authorized your company to build our new clubhouse. I recall at the time that Ray Nuzzolo (and his committee) was very supportive of your company and its capabilities. I developed the same comfortable feelings during the few times we met with you and your principals including the architectural firm as plans were made and we finalized the cost and design. We placed our faith and the future of our club in your capabilities and your words.

As Treasurer of the Club, it was my job and that of the Finance Committee to "set the price" for the new Club, it was not an easy task. My committee and I were also responsible for the request for the First bid, the "all inclusive" Clubhouse which came in at $4.3 Million. My thinking was that we needed to know what the "Big Banana" was going to cost before we settled on a final figure. Of course, US and world economic crises intervened in this whole decision process as you well know.

I can tell you that the financial decision making process was not easy especially since we did not know during part of the time if we would even have a bank available to us.

But, all that aside, I and practically every member I have talked with since the building was completed have not only been pleased but completely awed with the building and design. My wife and I have been to a number of dinners there so far and the Club is very comfortable and fulfills all the hopes and dreams that I had including the very nice bar area. Having been on the House Committee for a couple of years and trying to determine how we could "update" and remodel the old Clubhouse, this new one is a dream come true. The exterior of the Club is also very attractive from the Lake and from the fairways particularly the Lake course 9th fairway as you tee off and approach the green. It fits the area perfectly in my opinion.

Please extend my thanks to your whole team for their efforts and for the working relationships that were established and were obviously very successful. We now have a Club that we can move into the future with and have every confidence that we have a beautiful product to offer new members and local residents who want to use if for various functions. Our significantly increased local business memberships in the Club this year is a testimony to the fact that we have a wonderful venue and product to offer them. We expect a continued influx of other members as well over the next year, most of which will be due to this beautiful edifice that we have to show-off.

Thanks again for all your and your team's hard work to deliver a product in a short period of time and under the financial constraints that we set for you.

May your holidays be joyous. God bless.

Ed Aman, former Treasurer of the CTCC Board (2008)

We were so pleased with Bradley, we have used him each time to build our three personal homes. Bradley and his entire staff are always professional and quick to answer our every concern. Bradley is innovative in coming up with ideas that meet our needs while at the same time taking a common sense approach to costs. Building a home is one of the largest investments a family can make, and we trust Bradley built every step of the way.


Jay Smith